I recently came across a makeup brand who do specialised brushes for (what they say) is premium make up results for a fraction of the cost.  I have seen the high end versions of the oval brush applicators by Artis ( The Palm Brush is just incredible – view here) and did want to try some without breaking the bank!

Lo and behold Iconic London send me an email an offer on their popular EVO 4 piece brush set. I placed and order and within 2 days the beautiful brush set were in my hands.

On my first look they do feel really expensive and well made. My worry with these sorts of application tools is the potential snapping of the brush but these appear to be sturdy enough for vigorous blending.


Upon my first use of the brushes they do blend really well however it is likely I am going to need to practice a bit as I am use to applying my make up with my fingers/beauty blenders.

The brushes themselves are densely packed so the product doesn’t seep in and with some skill my concealer did look more airbrushed for the win!

The four brushes in the set are  (beginning from the back middle clockwise)


003 – Perfect to sculpt out your cheekbones

004 – Perfect to highlight, contour and conceal

005 – Perfect for eyeliner, brows and lip perfecting

006 – The best concealer brush you will ever use, also great to contour and highlight nose and smaller areas. Ideal for eyeshadow and defining.

As I want to up my make application I definitely think this set is a good place to start. Iconic London also have some helpful tutorial videos on Youtube for those looking to become an Iconic EVO brush pro.

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