The Art of Taking a Break


I have never really been an good at taking a moment to pause, reset and reflect. I have always been that person running around, organising something, planning something, completing something and just getting on with things – ticking things off the list one by one. I partly blame my very hands-on job which requires me to organise someone elses time to the minute sometimes. Old habits die hard and frequently whilst at work I would bring that mindset home. However whilst being on mat leave you are forced to stop – from a career point of view anyway. Every moment is purely focused on your little one and everything takes a back seat and when you do get that modicum of time you just HAVE to sit back, relax and take a break.

The art of taking a break is something I am valuing a lot more the older I get. When the little one goes down for her nap and the husband is at work I get that moment of absolute peace and I can sink into the sofa with a cup of tea and just take a moment. I now have those teas in my beautiful new mugs i picked up in the sale from Anthropologie.

The quality of mugs and overall pieces in my kitchen have improved over time also. I now look for cool eclectic pieces instead of the usual humdrum beige mugs I am usually drawn to.

 The stylish store that does everything from beautiful printed maxi dresses, to incredible gold leaf candlestick holders to pretty impressive crockery.

I picked up this pretty pair of printed mugs in the sale and were very impressed with them.


They have loads of incredible items on their site Рi have listed some great finds below. Check Out Anthropologie HERE

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