Flower Power


Well it finally looks like Spring has sprung and we can get into more fun interesting things to wear.
Although I could wear all black all day, everyday and forever and be quite happy about it. Even I sometimes like to add a bit of spring freshness to my wardrobe.

There are LOADS of opportunities to do this without looking like an overgrown rose bush.
Sometimes I like to go all out and sometimes I feel like just a touch of a trend is enough to nod to the new season and keep it moving (most likely wearing black)

I, like most women have always been a bit of a bag fiend.
The bigger the better I say and i usually go for quite plain designs that could be considered ‘timeless’ however even I feel like branching out with these floral fancies!

Here is a quick run down on what I think could be a easy partake in the spring trend for both savers & splurgers!

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