Tips for Travelling With Your Baby

The idea of leaving the house with my baby only started getting easier in the last couple of months. Prior to that, if it was not within a 3 mile radius, I was not interested. However the opportunity to get away for a few days at the Hanbury Manor Marriott Hotel & Spa was too good to miss.

Giddiness aside, my initial thoughts were how are we going to streamline everything she needs and wants for a few days?!

With some planning it was a lot easier than we thought.

Thankfully, babies are super mobile. It’s just all of the stuff that they require that can easily put you in a spin and your car bursting at the hinges. Here are some tips on what we did to minimise stress and maximise fun & relaxation.

1. Call Ahead

If you are staying in a hotel/resort, call ahead and request a cot which saves you having to pack one of your own. We called ahead and requested an extra bin in our room for nappies, etc. I also asked for us to be placed in a quieter part of the hotel away from lifts and ice machines. I have listed some good travel cots just in case your hotel doesn’t have any.

2. Think about what to pack 

Of course you want to bring all of your little ones cute outfits -think of the gorgeous photo opportunities! Realistically however, for a UK break we did not go beyond sleepsuits, long sleeved vests, leggings and cute tops. For international travel I would likely add some summer dresses and baby swimwear/hats.

We made sure that she had her hat and a warm coat for walks. I also brought an extra long sleeve vests for those *ahem* explosions – which did happen our final evening at dinner.

If you are breastfeeding/bottle feeding, think about sterilisation. We have a decent sized lightweight sterilizer which was not difficult to pack (listed below) However, asking the hotel for a large bowl/basin and bringing along some sterilising tablets would have been just as useful.

Toys! well of course I wanted to bring her large bouncer because she loves it along with all of her other baby paraphernalia. However she didn’t need all that much at all. Just pack small/hand sized toys that you know are light to pack and she will love on rotation. At times, our daughter was more interested in the strap of my fitbit than the toys we scattered around her ( always the way :))

3. Get your times right!

Our little girl has been very good to us. She has already carved out her own feed and sleep routine – yes it is possible at 6 months!! So with that being already set we did pretty much everything around naps and her feed times. This allowed us to have meals together, spa treatments and family walks. Everything was a lot calmer as we could get some quality time knowing she was content.

4. Have Fun & RELAX

I have always struggled with relaxing. I have this need to make sure everything is perfect before letting go and chilling. However, I have noticed with my new found motherhood is that I have to sometimes just let things take their course. Babies are massively unpredictable which makes the journey all that more interesting. I also noticed that when I am happy and relaxed my daughter is too.

I am waiting for that big trip that involves flying somewhere hot – hopefully it wont be too long until I have my feet in a beautiful ocean.

Do you have any cool tips/tricks for taking a little baby away?! See below some good baby bits to help with your trips away with the little ones.


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