Not So Mellow Yellow

Hi! It’s been ages…but I have finally found the time to write a quick post on my new style love.

Now with it being spring verging on summer, I have decided to throw caution to the wind and introduce some colour to my looks from time to time.

Am i going to be a neon highlighter every other day? – probably not.. but I am definitely heading in that direction especially as the weather warms up.

Dont get me wrong.. black on black & denim are my failsafes but adding a splash of something bright must be good for the soul!

With that being said I have scoured the internet and picked up some bright bits for myself which I thought I would share!

You could be adding a touch of colour to a neutral outfit or just going all out and living the Stabilo highlighter life – do whatever makes you happy!

I picked up this dream of a bag from Mango a few weeks ago… doesn’t it just scream drinks in the sun?

H&M probably do the best basics and this dress is high up there. The material is a heavy rib with some elastane which I know will last months of wear and washes. I find that a midi dress that goes beyond the knee looks way more flattering on me and in this warm golden yellow tone it was just perfect.

I threw this all together with a vintage denim jacket a couple weekends ago for a stroll and shop around London’s famed Portobello market.

Who said yellow had to be mellow? x

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