0 to 100 Real Quick:  Going from 1 child to 2!

Imagine me disappearing from my blog for a year and reappearing with an additional child! Well that’s exactly what has happened. Whilst diligently learning the nuances and workings of a toddler, we fell pregnant again and have been blessed with second baby called Faith.

faith 1 use

I’ve always known that staying at 1 child was unlikely and we always wanted Ava to have a comrade in arms. You’ll forever hear… “ you don’t know what parenting is like until you have your own,” and we had somewhat gotten our heads around managing one. Her routine was finely tuned. She napped, slept through the night and loved her food. I was back at work ( L ) and enjoying the walks to the station hand-in-hand with my husband , whilst my daughter had a fun filled day planned with her grandma.

Then it all changed!

Why is it that as soon as you find out you’re pregnant your pregnancy symptoms kick in!?

After a tough 7 months of nausea ,SPD, and swollen everything, our beautiful little girl was born.

Throughout the pregnancy, my main anxiety was how this little girl was going to fit into my pretty perfect picture. I adored my first. I think you always have a special bond with your first child. They are your first attempt at everything…and my first gave me so many learnings. I remember the long nights with her first colds, trying to figure out weaning and trying to stay calm the first time she rolled off the bed onto the floor! How were we going to take on this new addition and how was my daughter going to cope being somewhat upstaged with the new kid in town?

faith use 2

Incredibly, it is somehow working.

Don’t get me wrong, we are beyond exhausted but you put on a brave face and change that 8th nappy ( Toddler still not potty trained). You go for that long walk to burn your toddlers energy and you do that 3am night feed.

I can say after 3 months in on number 2, that you are more confident , you listen to people’s opinions less and do what works for your family. You also kiss goodbye complete free time unless pre-planned. You get used to at least one of you crying throughout the day and that organisation is the only way you can get out of the house in one piece.



Faith is officially out of the 4th trimester and Ava (pictured above!) is now 2.5. We will see what is waiting for us around that dried weetabix and explosive poo ridden corner 😊

K x

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